South Ibiza Boat Route

Cala Pluma, Cala Jondal, Atlantis, Es Vedrà

Ready to explore the best kept secrets of southern Ibiza? Get ready for an unforgettable experience full of natural beauty, crystal clear waters and magical moments!

Pluma Cove: Your Secret Haven in Paradise

Our trip begins in the paradisiacal Pluma cove, near the majestic defense tower of ses Portes. Immerse yourself in its turquoise waters and enjoy the first swim of the day in this oasis of tranquility.

Cala Jondal: Where Gastronomy Meets Nature

We continue to the stunning Jondal cove, home to exquisite restaurants and the famous Blue Marlin Beach Club. Be captivated by the crystal clear waters and multicolored rock formations that surround this coastal paradise.

Porroig: Discover Ibiza’s Authenticity

Explore the picturesque area of Porroig, with its charming fishermen’s huts and multiple places to anchor. From es Torrent to Cala Llentrisca, every corner will surprise you with its natural beauty and rich tradition.

Sa Pedrera (Atlantis): Where History and Nature Merge

Immerse yourself in history in Sa Pedrera, known as Atlantis, an old quarry that now offers natural pools and unique landscapes that will leave you speechless.

Es Vedrà: Ibiza’s Natural Icon

Our final destination is the mysterious Vedrà, an imposing rock surrounded by myths and legends. Enjoy a rejuvenating swim in its crystal clear waters and witness a breathtaking sunset.

Return to Ibiza: With Memories That Will Last Forever

After a day full of emotions, we return to Ibiza, taking with us the memories of an adventure we will never forget. Get ready to experience moments that will leave you in awe!

Live the Experience of a Lifetime and Discover the South of Ibiza as You’ve Never Imagined!

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