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Scanner Envy 970D

Length 9,60 m
Capacity 12+1 persons

Price per day from 726

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Monterey 278 Super S.

Lenght 8,80 m
Capacity 7+1 persons

Price per day from 605 €

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Sessa Key Largo 36

Lenght 11,26 m
Capacity 11+1 persons

Price per day from 1.100 €

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Sea Ray 295 SLX

Lenght 10,00 m
Capacity 8+1 persons

Price per day from 1.100 €

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Sea Ray 290 SLX

Lenght 10,00 m
Capacity 8+1 persons

Price per day from 1.100 €

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Beneteau Montecarlo 37

Lenght 11,30 m
Capacity 9+1 persons

Price per day from 1.331 €

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Rent a boat in Ibiza

Discover the beauty from the sea with our boat rental service in Ibiza! In our company, we offer you an unforgettable experience to explore the crystal clear waters and pristine beaches of this amazing island.

Imagine sailing along the coast of Ibiza, enjoying the sun, the tranquility, the wonderful sea breeze, and making stops for swimming and snorkeling in dreamy coves. Undoubtedly, it is a luxury to enjoy a day like this.

In Enjoy Ibiza we want to put the cherry on top of your vacation. Therefore, we make each boat a special and unique moment. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is a romantic cruise, a family vacation or a party with friends on the high seas, our boat rental in Ibiza is the perfect choice. Experience the freedom of exploring the island from a unique perspective and creating memorable memories!

Discover Ibiza with a boat rental with captain

For all passengers to enjoy the day and take advantage of each activity without any worries, we offer you a boat rental in Ibiza with capitan. This way you can live the crossing without any inconvenience, being your only concern the sun and swimming in the wonderful mediterranean sea.

Also, if you prefer to enjoy sailing at your own pace, we also offer a boat rental in Ibiza for days. This way, you will have the freedom to explore the magnificent coves and beaches of the island at your own pace, stopping at every corner that catches your attention and immersing yourself in the turquoise waters at any time and in several days.

A full maritime experience

On the other hand, in addition to boat rentals, we offer additional services and customized packages to make the most of your stay in Ibiza, such as different sports and water activities. Our goal is to raise the level of each boat, so we provide different adventures to live both above and below the sea. We want all our clients to live a complete experience, that’s why we offer all kinds of services. 

Our boat rentals in Ibiza can give you the dream vacation you’ve always had in mind, so don’t leave any loose ends untied! Contact us to organize your trip to Ibiza and immerse yourself in the island. It is a unique experience that you can not miss, we are at your disposal to rent the boat you have always wanted.






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